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Well Financed Democrat Lies Won't Confuse Blacks This Election Cycle

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 5:50pm
Some call the fear and hate ad campaigns being orchestrated by Democratic Party supporters to boost black turnout in next Tuesday's congressional elections desperation. I call it pathetic.
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Ex-Gay Therapist Responds to SBC's 'Reparative Therapy' Stance

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 5:37pm
Did you know that September is ex-gay awareness month? Honestly, I did not realize such a commemoration took place either until last year. I received an invitation to attend the first annual Ex-Gay Awareness Month Conference hosted by Voice of the Voiceless, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, and Equality And Justice For All.
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2014: Evangelicals and the Midterm Elections

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 5:24pm
While the Republican Party is far from perfect, it is currently the political party that polls show most closely matches the core policy beliefs of values voters: evangelical, "born again" Christians and Catholics. According to pollster George Barna, there are 77 million "born again" evangelical and Catholic voters in the United States, but only about 30.6 million of them voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.
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Dear President Obama, You Don't Need to Slam Stay-at-Home Moms to Support Women's Equality

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 5:17pm
Dear Mr. President: This morning, you gave a speech in Rhode Island that was centered on women's equality. You addressed the important issues of equal pay for equal work, paid maternity and family leave, and the high cost of daycare.
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The IRS Is Hiding Its Communications with a Democratic Senator

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 5:09pm
Yesterday, my colleagues and I at the ACLJ filed a new lawsuit against the IRS in federal court in New Hampshire. The facts of the case are simple: On June 18, 2014, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire submitted a FOIA request to the IRS for all communications between Senator Jeanne Shaheen or Representative Carol Shea-Porter and key IRS officials, including Lois Lerner.
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Ex-Mob Boss Michael Franzese on Former Life in La Cosa Nostra: 'You Sit and Negotiate With John Gotti, You Learn Some Things' (Video)

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 5:04pm
"God the Father," a film based on the life of former Colombo family Captain Michael Franzese, hits theaters Friday, and the ex-mob boss says that while he's left the life of crime behind, the lessons he learned continue to help him today.
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Senator Mary 'Stereotype' Landrieu Haunts Louisiana

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 4:57pm
On this Halloween, U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) played a nasty trick on the voters of Louisiana. She reiterated the ignorant and inaccurate stereotypes of Louisiana and the South by strongly implying that people of her home state are both racist and sexist.
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Mike Tyson Abused: Stranger 'Snatched Me Off the Street' as a Child, He Says (VIDEO)

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 4:54pm
Mike Tyson was abused, he revealed on Sirius XM radio show OpieRadio Wednesday afternoon. The former heavyweight champion of the world said that when he was a young, poor boy growing up in Brooklyn, an older man “snatched him off the street” and sexually assaulted him.
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Family Forgives A Teen After She Killed A Man in a Hit-And-Run – The Victim's Brother Says Something Powerful!

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 4:27pm
While walking out of a store, Ashley Brown met the family of Kenneth Wallace at the exact same place she had hit and killed him. She fled the scene after the murder and was never caught. But, what Kenneth's brother had to say was not expected at all.
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Katie Holmes Says She Doesn't Want Marriage to Tom Cruise to Define Her, Talks About Being A Mom

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 4:23pm
It's been two years since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise called it quits, and now, the actress is opening up about her new life and being a mother to their 8-year old daughter, Suri.
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Kirk Cameron Tells Christians to Use Halloween to Evangelize; Pastor Robert Jeffress Disagrees

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 4:18pm
Kirk Cameron recently urged Christians to host Halloween parties in order to spread the Word of God, but Pastor Robert Jeffress said the holiday is simply a noble idea for a fun day.
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Does the Military Have a Problem With Jesus?

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 4:14pm
The Military Religious Freedom Foundation's Mikey Weinstein reached out to Air Force officials at the Pentagon, the Air National Guard is governed by Air Force rules, as well as the 180th Fighter Wing demanding they remove what he called "that odious and offending proselytizing commentary."
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Taylor Swift News: Singer Plays Basketball With the NY Knicks, Says She's Doesn't Want to Date

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 4:01pm
Taylor Swift took some time off her busy schedule to spend some quality time with the New York Knicks. The singer played with basketball stars Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony while wearing a Knicks no. 13 jersey.
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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed News: Couple Goes Horseback Riding in Atlanta

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 3:55pm
It's been three months since Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed started dating, and it appears that the couple are as smitten as ever as the "Vampire Diaries" actor took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a picture of his girlfriend and their adopted animals taken during a horseback riding date in Atlanta.
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'Furious 7' News: Trailer to Be Released on Special Event on Nov. 1, Jordana Brewster Talks Film

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 3:52pm
The seventh installment of the 'Fast and Furious' franchise recently got its official title this week—'Furious 7'. Along with the title, the new movie poster was also revealed, and the filmmakers announced that the first trailer will be released on a special launch event at Universal Studios on Nov. 1 in Los Angeles.
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'Constantine' News: Episode 2 Plot Revealed

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 3:48pm
'Constantine' is shaping up to be a series that can hold its own against other shows that contains a supernatural theme, such as 'Grimm' and 'Supernatural'.
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Amanda Bynes Released From Psychiatric Hospital, Goes on Twitter Rant

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 3:44pm
Amanda Bynes was released from a psychiatric hospital after her involuntary hold was terminated by the courts earlier this month. However, since her release, the former actress has been ranting over social media — its a return to the type of tweets she posted before her entry into psychiatric care.
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Seattle-Based Megachurch Mars Hill Plans to Dissolve; Elders Suggest for 13 Regional Congregations to Either Go Independent, Merge or Disband

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 3:34pm
The Seattle-based megachurch Mars Hill, once led by pastor Mark Driscoll, has begun the process of dissolving, and its 13 regional congregations have been asked to either go independent, merge with another church, or disband entirely, announced Dave Bruskas, the churches teaching pastor while in transition, at noon on Friday.
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Robert P. George: Victims of Marriage Culture Breakdown Are Poor Children (Video)

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 3:07pm
Poor people, especially poor children, are the real victims of a declining marriage culture, professor Robert P. George said.
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National Discussion Over Brittany Maynard's Decision to End Her Life Prompts Family to Release 13-Y-O Son's Video Message for His Friends Before Dying

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 2:53pm
The family of Ethan Hallmark of Midlothian, Texas, whose four-year battle with terminal cancer before succumbing to his illness late last month at age 13, was made public through video, and has released a clearly different message than the one Brittany Maynard is giving in video in which she shares her desire to end her life on her own terms, drawing national attention.
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