Ladies Bible Study - Esther

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The group will be used for interaction between those ladies who are participating in the Thursday evening Bible study which is using Beth Moore's Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman . Please use the group forum pages for your comments, etc.


A Contest for a Queen

This week's Principal Questions:

  1. What specific steps were proposed in verses 3-5 toward the selection of the new queen?
  2. What facts does Esther:2:5-7 tell about Mordecai and Esther?
  3. Why might Mordecai have wanted Esther's Judaism kept secret?
  4. What three responses from Xerxes led to Esther's queenship?
  5. What happened after Queen Esther gave Mordecai credit for exposing the plot?

Please comment on anything you'd like to share before we meet on Thursday at Debbie's home. Happy studying!

The acrostic PURIM

In the study tonight, Roberta had wanted to cover the acrostic PURIM for chapter 1 but we ran out of time.

Remember Beth mentioned this acrostic exercise will be somewhat subjective. At times someone else may have different points listed than you do. She is having us do this exercise to enhance the learning process and to help illustrate Purim's truest message: the providence of God . These are some of the things I listed for chapter one. Please comment and add additional ones for this chapter and continue throughout the study. Read more

It's Tough Being a Woman

During Beth's intro, she mentioned she took a survey of women all ages, all backgrounds and beliefs and asked them this question. One of the most common answers was hormones. Also, the top three answers were submission (yielding), balance and again, hormones.

In the study the first point she wants us to consider is that it is tough being a woman in another woman's shadow .

Read more

Welcome and Prayer Requests

Welcome to the Esther Bible study group! Thank you for going through the process to get here. Sometimes that can be very frustrating. My wireless Internet connection often drops which can cause all sorts of problems. I hope you find the interaction here a great addition to your study of the book of Esther. It is another way to share our portions in Christ and as Beth mentioned, another way to receive the whole Megillah!

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Re: Ladies Bible Study - Esther

What is the process of accepting a newbie into the study group? Is there any form of presentation of the group, I would mostly be interested in a teen bible study group, do you have that here? Most of the teens need help in understanding the bible so being part of a study group helps them to be more involved and more open to new insights.

Re: Ladies Bible Study - Esther

Sorry Leah and I missed the first study, but we are looking forward to it next time. I would love to know who was there and what was covered. We hope to enter next week, "Caught up".

Re: Ladies Bible Study - Esther

Hi Ginnie,

Thanks for logging in and replying to the group invitation. We missed you too! We're glad you and Leah are taking part in the study. It is such a special time to share and study God's Word. Last night in attendence were: Roberta, Ann Marie, Debbie Marvin, Chris Birdsey, Heather Griffin, Christine Olp and myself. Eddie McPike is also planning to take the study but was unable to be there. Roberta is planning to make a post and share some details of the meeting she gave last night. Most of us are new to using a group blog so it may be alittle process for each one to sign up & use it effectively. You may want to call her. I mentioned to her you'd like to borrow the DVD on Sunday. Also, if she'd like, Leah could have her own login. Send me her email address and I'll semd her an invitation. I'll post some more thoughts from the study to the whole study group.

Hope you had a great day!